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*Ruda Echeverría focuses his creative interests in developing the new ugly, an artistic language he works on daily to create a place where adult experiences converge with a condition he describes as “arrested development”. In his creation the aesthetic appearance is overridden by the conceptual discourse, which he displays in a vast variety of mediums he claims not to fully master. He is largely self taught, and his DIY attitude brings out his best work; when learning a new technique, completely free from expectation.  

*Through painting, illustration, collage, ceramics, video-art, photography, and tattooing Echeverria’s work remains colorful and playful while satirically referencing themes that are uncertain at the very least. Ruda dwells in the absurd world of collectibles, cartoons, memes and sports, finds joy in despair, and deals with relationships, sexuality, work, gender roles and death.

*Ruda has had solo exhibitions in Caracas, Bogotá and Mexico City as well as groups shows in Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela. The Venezuelan artist currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.
*After redecorating his hometown with his friends, he has developed a taste for the unusual.  Publik Display of Affection (PDA).

Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas. Law (2010)
Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Int’ Law (2011)

b. London, United Kingdom, 1985


2018 - Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros CPPC (Caracas) - “Conexiones Emergentes”

2019 - Museo Rufino Tamayo/Lagos (Ciudad de México) - “Mall en Miami”.

“Ruda is the biggest asshole since King Tut!”
- New Ugly Times 

“The skinny kid with the big nose?”
- High School Classmate

“Last time I trusted him was the last time I trusted him!”
- Ex-lover

“It’s like he doesn’t even care about money... so we don’t pay him.”
- Current Employer

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